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Our Story

Welcome aboard!

We are Farmers Market Lobster, and are the husband and wife team of Joel and Viktoriya.


And 100% of our income comes from commercially fishing on boats off the coast of Maine, and bringing LIVE SEAFOOD to Farmers Markets near you!

My name is Joel, and I'm a New England based Commercial Fisherman, and have been for nearly 25 years. Typically every year I follow the fish and/or lobster as they migrate, sailing out of dozens of ports and harbors spanning Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Virginia and Alaska.

2020 however, was a very different year, with a very different set of obstacles to overcome.


Because the lobster industry was considered "essential", we continued to operate business as usual. But because all the restaurants and processing plants were being forced to close, and all the flights being grounded, it didn't take long for the lobsters to pile up at the dock with nowhere to go.


So with no way to get there even if they did have a place to go, not surprisingly, the price crashed! 


But it wasn't until everyone's life consisted of a rigorous schedule of going to work and going directly home, or just plain old staying home, was I asked countless times where they could get lobsters.


Only then did it dawn on me that the general population has no idea how to access fresh seafood if the restaurants are closed.

This gave me an idea; let's sell lobsters directly to the public!


So I fished, and my wife Viktoriya started selling affordable lobsters in the most centralized location we could think of in our small city of 30,000. And that was directly out of the bed of our pick-up truck, in the parking lot of a Mobil station, in down town Dover, NH!

Fast-forward 2 years , and we've stream lined it quite a bit!

We've taken this model far from the coast of NH. Now we're bringing fresh LIVE seafood to markets OURSELVES, as far south as South Carolina, and as far west as Missouri!

We get it everything directly from the fisherman, or from the folks who buy it from the fisherman. Either way, whatever we bring is fresh caught or harvested in Maine or New Hampshire.


And as everyone knows, you can't get ANY product, any cheaper, than if you buy from the source. So keep this in mind, the only time any of what we bring is not hugging the cold waters of the Gulf of Maine, is when we're bringing it all to you!

So if you're a seafood lover who wishes they didn't have to break the bank to get the best quality possible, you won't want to miss us when we come to town!

Joel and Viktoriya

Farmers Market Lobster

We are an American and Ukrainian owned small business.

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